Some updates
I posted a few new projects, more to come:, I made an encryption algorithm in Processing which yields a visual output (and requires a visual input). I’m not sure how to document it yet, but you can download it here:

Great submission from Greg Ponchak.
I created a very annoying Tumblr theme in an attempt to slow down the pace at which content is consumed. You can see it here: 
The ever-increasing pace at which we consume images is undoubtedly intesified by websites such as Tumblr and Instagram. On social networks such as these, the extent of our reflection upon each image is limited by the narrow margin of time it takes for it to appear at the bottom of our feed and disappear beyond the top margin of the browser window. Using a mouse-wheel, this may take a maximum of a few seconds, but when using a Macbook's trackpad or swiping on an iphone this window of opportunity is reduced even further, oftentimes to less than a second. This tempo effectively strips images of the content they were intended to embody; through this process of aestheticization they are neutralized and nullified. This Tumblr theme was created with the aim to disrupt this rhythm and force reflection. That said, it is more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. Right now the theme only handles image and text posts, but if you are interested, you can download the html here.